Sunday, July 11, 2021

First Week!


Hi, I am Hope Augusta, I’m 15 and I am so excited to be working at Save the Harbor save the bay this summer! I’ve heard that it’s so much fun and we get to experience new things and learn so much. This summer I hope to improve my social skills and get to interact with other kids my age looking for good work. This week i really appreciated the Monday zoom where we learned about sexual harassment in the work environment, it was important to me to see it being talked about and to hear that people learned a lot. At the beginning of meeting with our groups we went to Long wharf and did research on what the water level rise would be and how that area would look by 2070. We noticed that poc would suffer more due to not as many chances or support to be helped. We then went to the old state house where we observed the importance of looking deeper into the history of certain landmarks and how they would be changed or already have been. On Wednesday we went to the North End and discussed the effects of climate change on populations near the harbor. On Thursday we were in the seaport area looking for long standing old buildings and comparing them to new innovations. We talked about how they are marketing the future of seaport with all these new and expensive building and businesses and how they are oblivious to how seaport will be under water by 2050. While in seaport we went to the ICA where we made posters to show how we would inform people of what is to come. Lastly on Friday we met to discuss how our week went and work on our deliverable, I really enjoyed working this week and learning so much can’t wait for more to come! See you next time, Hope. 

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