Thursday, July 15, 2021

Exploring Revere

 This week my group's site was Revere. All week we explored Revere's marshes and it's beaches. On the first day we visited one of Revere's protected marshes. We followed the trail and saw some wildlife including rabbits/ hares and tons of bugs, specifically mosquitoes! Even with all the bug spray that we used all of us still were constantly getting  ruthlessly attacked by mosquitoes. I ended up getting several bites on my neck and face. After the marsh we went to a nearby basketball court where all 6 of us,  including our Team Leader Ana, played against each other. I haven't played a real game of basketball prior to that day so I learned a lot about it while playing. I didn't end up making any points but I was able to block a few shots from my opponents.

The next my team and I spent the day at Revere Beach. We started off by collecting trash all around the shore line and beach front. After spending about an hour collecting trash we all came together and organized it into piles so we can see how much we actually collected. We found many items like a box cutter, a blunt, a bunch of random pieces of plastic, almost 50 water bottle caps and a whopping 82 cigarette buds. At first I wasn't stoked about having to clean up the beach but I'm glad we did because at first glance the beach seemed super clean but we ended up finding a lot of junk that could have hurt the animals in the area or even children. 

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