Monday, August 13, 2012

A banner day at Black's Creek

Well, we're winding down the summer at Black's Creek.  It doesn't seem possible, but it's already the last week, but the kids are still excited to get some last mudding adventures and crab races in before being done for good.  One of the best parts about Black's Creek has been being able to just let the kids off the leash and go exploring, get dirty, and have some old fashioned fun.  Almost all our explorers have been with us this entire summer, and their enthusiasm is as strong in August as it was in the beginning of July.  Catching a green crab or an eel still elicits shrieks and applause, and based on the ferocious competition we've seen during our crab races, we might need to add a new event to the next Olympics!

Our intrepid explorers and staff pose with our new banner

The best days at Black's Creek is when the tide is low enough and the kids can make it all the way around and cross the tide.  However, the mud flats can be intimidating and can take out even our most veteran explorers, as Owen proved today, sinking nearly up to his waist in mud.  But not to worry: a quick wash off with the hose leaves everyone clean and ready for more action!

The good...

...the bad...
...and the dirty!

-Andrew Bauld

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