Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fishing and Cliff Diving

The Vertex fishing event that Save the Harbor attends is probably my favorite weekend event to attend. Its a full day of fun just like any other day at the job but with kids that I never met before. When we fish off the dock we catch a lot of fish although all of them aren't big 45" Striped Bass the kids are happy with their first fishing experience and catching something. We caught a lot of bait fish that had a similar purplish stripped pattern that were very small.

Watching people flip off the ICA building was a great way to end the day because it was so surreal. They were doing cartwheels and flips and spins but all in the air in one jump. Red Bull did a great job keeping us hydrated while watching after fishing. Saturday was an overall great day and a good way to wrap up the summer.
-Ahmed Hassan

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