Friday, August 10, 2012

Boys at Piers Park

One day at Piers Park, I had an entire group of boys! It was a rough and tumble morning with rambunctious boys. It was a hectic Friday morning, and I was unsure how to manage eight excitable boys. However, my fears were unnecessary because the boys just wanted to fish!

Devin, Alfonso, Michael, and Daniel sitting on the Dock!
John, Devin, Donovan, Michael, Alfonso, Shane, Daniel, and Patrick and I set up a our fishing rods and got prepared to catch some fish. Alfonso, Michael, Devin,  and Daniel sat at the edge of the dock, while Shane, Devin and John chummed with the sardines we used for bait.
 The boys were so entertained by fishing that I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of the boys in action.
Alfonso with his favorite red rod!
John & Jack crafting sailing knots!
It was a beautiful day and I realized what a beautiful skyline we had and took that opportunity to snap some pictures. Alfonso was really happy because he was able to use his favorite red fishing rod all day John and Jack were perfectly content practicing different types of sailing knots we have learned this summer. They even tried to make up some of their own.

The group of boys excited to be fishing!

Sadly, we did not catch any fish, but we had an awesome morning fishing and building relationships with my boys from East Boston  

:) Ali Hurney 

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