Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Chill Day at The Boston Children's Museum

Hey guys, today at the Children's Museum was actually a relaxed day. I interacted with a few families and visitors this morning and enjoyed talking to them about crabs and our organization. To add on, it was fun  seeing infants and toddlers getting excited and fascinated by the green crabs my co-workers found in the harbor today. We found approximately 15 green crabs all together. Here's one visitor that was a bit scared at first to touch the crab but after a while he started to become interested in them which was great ! 
He was a such a brave kid and he actually touched one of the crabs my team found!

Also, my co-workers taught visitors how to fish and as soon as they grasped it they loved it! Here's a picture of Manny and two employees from the Children's Museum bonding! I also took a picture of a visitor and Manny teaching him how to fish. He really enjoyed fishing with us. You can tell he enjoyed Manny's company and had a great time with Save The Harbor/Save The Bay. I'm glad my team and I made our visitors engaged and interested in the green crabs and fishing as a way to start off their day. I love making people have a good time and learn something an awesome organization like us.  Later !!


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