Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moments of Excitment :) !!!

So exciting , to see my wonderful friends at Piers Park. I have had the most amazing opportunity this summer of 2012 to spend awesome quality time with amazing wonderful kids and staff. Although, the kids and staff have taught me  a lot of amazing things, that has helped me opened up within myself and to gain confidence  to help other youth , and co-workers as well.

Today was practically one of the best days of my summer here and I cant wait to tell my friends all about it. We have learned today about Adaption with the Crabs (Red and Green) about the change that helps the crabs how to survive and how to catch their prey and become better predators. I learned a lot!

Shane, is a  9 year old boy, who is so inquisitive and curious about fishing.  Shane wants to have a better understanding of the  harbor and that  amazes me. He has very cool stories to talk about and is  always so engaging. 

Earlier this week , Shane and I was trying to take out crabs from the lobster trap , but this huge red rock crab was holding on so tightly to the trap and with his other claw trying to pinch us . However, the crab felt so endangered that he let go of his own claw. We decided to keep the claw or use it for bait. Shane mentioned that he needed more of a collection from what he already had at home so he saved it and let it dry up and brought it home.

- Ana Munoz

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