Sunday, August 5, 2012


Courageous Sailing in Charlestown has been THE place to catch lobsters. We caught the biggest one I had ever seen and after I realized it was a male I finally took the leap and decided to take him home.
I named him Freddy, placed him in a paper bag with ice and took him home with me. I was a little worried because the commute home on the T was hot and crowded but Freddy made it home safe and sound.
I placed Freddy in my fridge to relax and headed out to purchase a lobster pot, a nut cracker and itty bitty forks. I bought a 16 quart red pot for $30 at my local Homegoods and headed home. I checked on  Freddy & let him hang out in the lid while I boiled the water.
Freddy getting ready to go for a hot swim
While I was waiting for the water to boil, I gave myself a pep talk. I had never caught, cooked and cracked a lobster in the same day and I had to make sure I could do it. I had tried to place a lobster in a pot of boiling water before, but I wimped out. Before I knew it, the water was boiling and I had to say goodbye to Freddy. I made sure to plop Freddy into the water quickly to ensure he would die quickly and not to splash myself.

A quick 11 minutes later Freddy was bright red and ready to be cracked. I let Freddy cool for a few moments and then began to crack  him open.  When I was younger, my Dad had always tried to have me crack my own lobster, but I always refused. With Dad no where in sight, I was on my own. I started with breaking off the claws and slowly  but surely made it to the tail and finally the legs. I ate a few pieces with butter but saved the rest of the delicious meat for a fierce lobster salad. 

It was a day filled with new adventures and there is nothing like eating a lobster fresh out of the Harbor!!

Freddy and I  :) 

:) Ali Hurney 

Lobster Salad Recipe:
This is the lobster salad recipe I tried and it was amazing! A few ingredients and a couple minutes later I had a delicious lobster salad that lasted minutes (!!) at a family party. Enjoy :)

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