Saturday, August 18, 2012

Awesome People Being Awesome Together

This past week the Harbor Explorers of CBI went sailing on the charles. It was really fun getting out on the water and being able to see the river from a different perspective. I was in a boat with Ian, Will, and Rio for the week and I had a blast! We won several races against the expert sailor, Valentin, who often made it difficult to race as he made up rules along the way. On Thursday, my last day with Community Boating, I was was handed the tiller of the boat and got to have a try at racing against our French foe. I was on a team with Graham, Rio, Will, and Ian. I won one of the two races I sailed, and Graham won three more. I didn't win my one race on my own though. Without the help of the boys, I probably wouldn't have been able to navigate the wind shifts of the river at all. It was the perfect way to spend my last day out in Boston doing Save the Harbor programing.

I'm really happy to have spent so much time at Community Boating. It was definitely the highlight of my summer being able to go out fishing or sailing and be relaxed. Everyone was so curious about the river and other environmental things. I got go know so many awesome people, especially the very talented sailors I sailed with this week. I wish all the explorers and sailors good luck in their future adventures out on the water and with their upcoming school year!

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