Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fantastic Staff Day

After a summer of sitting in the office hearing all about Spectacle Island I finally got to visit it myself yesterday during our annual staff day! We cruised on our All Access boat munching on fresh plums with the wind in our hair to the beautiful Spectacle Island. Since I had never been before I opted to join a group in exploring the sea glass beach on the island where we saw many hermit crabs and found a "mussle graveyard". After our walk on the beach we headed back to Bruce and Patty's boat to enjoy the delicious lunch they had prepared for us. I could not get enough of Bruce's tasty striper salad. Then with stuffed stomachs we hiked up the hill to play a game of capture the flag that unfortunately was too short to find a winner. I thouroghly enjoyed my day out of the office soaking up some sun.

View from Spectacle Island

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