Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rain, Thunder and Lightning OH MY!

It was an eventful morning. As I traveled to the office to get  bait for Piers Park, the sky opened up and down poured like I had never seen before. The thunder was booming, the rain was falling, and the lighning cracked against the darkness of harbor's sky. There I was, huddled in a water taxi, hoping to make it across the harbor to Piers Park without falling victim to the stormy waves.

When I arrived, the dock was wet and slick, with  no harbor explorers in sight. Candido and I helped Lanie organize the  chaos and eventually settled down in the tent playing games with the two brave sailors who arrived.
Then, one brave harbor explorer arrived, Patrick! We again bunkered down in the tent and hoped for the rain to pass. And as luck would have it, by ten am the sun was shining brightly and we headed to pull out our fishing gear. The sailors headed out to the harbor to enjoy the sunshine and we were thrilled to be able to fish.

With our fishing rods in hand, we were ready. Patrick, Candido, and I were so excited to be fishing and marveled at the beautiful blue sky when hours earlier it was a grey disaster.
Destinee, Patrick, & Candido fishing in front of the beautiful Boston skyline!

Patrick reeling in one of his many catches!
We then caught EIGHT Sea Perch in a two hour period. We made sure we used our smallest hooks, and very little bait. It seemed every minute we were pulling up our lines. Destinee, a young sailor who missed her boat, joined us. Candido was in charge of removing the hooks and completed the tasks efficiently. I think Candido was born to be a fisherman!
Candido pulling out a hook with Patrick carefully watching.
I CAUGHT MY FIRST FISH, EVER! It was an amazing feeling that I don't know if I will be able to replicate it. It was only because of Candido's encouragement and excellent fishermen skills that I was able to catch a fish. Just like the other fish, it was only a small sea perch, but I couldn't be happier! I was also very brave and untangled the hook from my fish's mouth as Candido held it.

Overall, it was a small group of explorers but a successful morning at Piers Park!

:) Ali Hurney

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