Sunday, August 5, 2012

Caught in the Harbor!!

It was a very thrilling week at Courageous! When my friend Billy the Striped Bass made his way to to Courageous, he was filleted, seasoned, grilled, & fed to my friends from the learning program! I made sure all of my kids at Piers Park & Courageous got to see and touch Billy and they loved him.

I, with the help of Ana & Vihn, filleted Billy as a part of the after school program at Courageous.It was a an exciting afternoon where our young sailors were captivated by the filet process. Our young sailors were amazed by the internal organs and fins of our friend Billy!

Pointing out various parts of Billy!

My younger kiddos from the BPS learning program learned about how geography impacts how we live. Ms. Sara used a large white board map and pointed out different locations in the United States & we brainstormed what life may be like there. For example, would someone who lives in Ohio have fresh seafood? We learned that Boston Harbor can provide natural resources that we can use! To prove this point, Candido, Vihn and I seasoned and grilled Billy!
OIive oil, salt, pepper, butter & lemon helps to season a filet of Bass perfectly!

Many of my kiddos had not tried fish before and I am pleased to say they enjoyed it! Leann, loved it and could not wait to go home and tell her Dad she tried grilled bass.  Even Matthew, who at first did not even want to try the fish, asked for seconds!
Leann gives us a thumbs up after trying our fish!
Overall, Billy the Striped Bass, was a great resource for learning and nutrition!

:) Ali Hurney

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