Monday, August 13, 2012

Staff Day

Today on Spectacle Island, the Save the Harbor staff all went out to celebrate the annual Staff Day. We did a lot of staff building excercises and all of us came as one for the first time discarding staff meetings. It was a lot of fun  because usually I don't play football but I was playing with  Beast (Andrew), Leon, and more.  Beast was showing me the proper way to throw a football, it made me feel a little like Tom Brady, not really aha. Patty and Bruce's catering is amazing they take care of their employees well. After we played capture the flag Conor, Candido, Vinh and I ran into the water all in. We swam for the least amount of time but it was heaven. I was sweaty and nasty, it was really refreshing.

It was a new experience because, The all access crew was with us and we were with children and working but still enjoying ourselves. The children enjoyed the company of all of us and we all had a great time.

-Ahmed Hassan

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