Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fish on!!!

It was a good day to be part of the Camp Harbor View All-Star Fishing Club.  Thanks to Captain Bruce and Friends, all 21 members got to head out on a chartered fishing trip today around Boston Harbor.  The kids were so great, and most of them probably would have said they had an awesome time if all they did was check out the islands with the captain's binoculars and play with the sea worms and bait.  But, oh no, things were far more exciting than that, because one of our lucky campers pulled in a monster 35" stripped bass!  Our boat had to settle for the silver medal, though, as one of the other teams pulled in a nice looking 46" bass.

Fish on!

Not to shabby

There were no sad faces, however, as everyone enjoyed sandwiches and sundaes back on shore.  After one or two (or a thousand) photos, we headed back to Long Island.  On the way back, first mate Darryl filleted our fish and all the kids got to take back a steak with them.  All in all, not a bad way to spend the day.  Thanks to Bruce and all the captains who made it possible!

That's where your dinner comes from
A pretty cool view to end the day

-Andrew Bauld

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