Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Day In Southie!

For the second time this summer, I got to experience a different site from the one I'm used to. To wrap up our last week of summer programming, I was given the opportunity to spend my Monday afternoon down in Southie on Castle Island, meeting new kids over at the McDonough Sailing Center! Not only was it a ton of fun, but I also got to watch the kids catch creatures that I normally do not see on a typical day. After fishing for a bit off the dock, we all decided to take a walk down the beach with a small pail in case anything was caught! After about 30 minutes, the kids admired their findings. The favorites included comb jellies and hermit crabs -- they found well over 10! Another very noticeable aspect of that afternoon was how high the tide was. The director at the sailing center remarked that he had never seen it so high before -- in fact, we couldn't even spot the buoy signaling the lobster pot in Pleasure Bay! Overall, the kids made this afternoon a great one. What truly stood out to me was just how outgoing the kids were at this particular site. They definitely were not afraid to be loud and say exactly what was on their minds, but this was what made the experience so great. On our walk back down the beach to the sailing center, a couple girls and I immersed ourselves into an intense sea glass hunt. We found beautiful green, clear, and aqua pieces, but also an unexpected purple gem that the girls loved. By that time, everyone else had already gone home for the day. Although we could have used more time, we were all happy to end the day on an exciting note!

Fishing isn't the only activity at McDonough!

-Ashley Wakefield, Senior Harbor Educator at the Boston Children's Museum

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