Monday, August 20, 2012

Something New

Was up everyone here to tell you about another great week at South Boston. In South Boston I learned that the kids love to find new things and learn the most about them. The kids find something new they love to show it off and ask so many question about why is it the way it is and how it happened. When I don't have all the answers they give me there guests and thats way better then what I was going to say. When I think I seen it all the kids find some thing new to show me. As we put down the crab traps down after 30 mins of getting crabs something goes in to the trap that wasn't a crab. One of the kids told me it was a "Sea Dragon" and to me I thought it was a snake at first but it had a fin so I know it wasn't. Seeing a Sea Dragon was cool to me because it was my first time and seeing the kids tell me about it

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