Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Legend of the Striper

For those who've been to the Children's Museum lately, you may have noticed that we have fishing poles out, but we haven't been catching many fish. Most who have visited Save the Harbor/Save the Bay have offered their doubts about the presence of anything in the chanel, however there have been signs of something biting and mysterious changes in the water. One change is the amount of crabs we've been catching. Usually we'd find about 30 crabs in a morning at the Boston Children's Museum, but now it's about down to 10. We also have noticed that the bait on our hooks has been disappearing... hmmm sounds awfully fishy.

After a few tugs here and there, our friend Alex shown in the picture to the right with his siblings, finally hooked onto something!!!! We had been chumming the water with hot dogs and suddenly a huge stripped bass appeared. Alex promptly lowered his line into the water and without hesitation, the striper bit onto the hook, also baited with hot dog, and put up a fight. This is the first that anyone has ever caught anything like it this summer! Alex and his family are from out of town and were visiting Boston. They were very excited to be here in Boston. Let's hope they visit again!


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