Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fishing Tournament

Delilah and I on the boat cooling off while we wait for the fish

This is the rear view of our boat, us leaving the dock to go find some fish
This event was a first time thing for me. I have never really went fishing. I have been around people that fish but I never really learned how to fish until I came to this event. I was excited to do this event because I was going to learn how to fish but also I was with someone I am not usually paired with. I was paired with Delilah and Ahmed. We really had a great time on our speed boat. I dont remember the name of the boat but our boat looked like it had a jucuzzi behind the driver seat. Delilah and I were on the chairs that turn and are facing toward the water and Ahmed was facing the front of the boat on this long bench. He said he was getting soaked on the bench but Delilah and I were feeling majority of the motions of the boat going over the waves. It didnt hit me until after we settled down that the littlest boats feel the most motion. I never felt "sea sick" until I got on that speed boat. We went so far out that we passed Spectacle Island, Long Island, and Thompson Island. We even passed the Long Island Bridge and went to the Hull Peninsula. It was an event that I had never done before so it was a new experience that I enjoyed a lot. After this event I plan to go fishing with my mom's boyfriend more often.                                                                         
                                                                                                     By: Brianna Charles

Our boat in full speed action with the city behind us

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