Sunday, August 19, 2012

Making a Real Splash

On Friday, we held our annual Beach Bash and Splash at the M Street Beach in South Boston and the day did not disappoint. It was an amazing turnout, with the attendance of over 600 kids from Boston and its surrounding communities.

 Throughout the day, kids were able to choose from a variety of activities, including art, sand castle building, sports, swimming, exploring the harbor (five Southie lobsters made an appearance!), kite flying, and fishing. Halfway through the day, the hundreds of children in attendance, along with their counselors, and even some STH staffers made a splash in the water altogether. It was an awesome moment, especially when thinking about how far the harbor has come in the struggle for true water quality. Aside from a minor accident, the day went spectacularly! Okay okay... I suppose "minor" is relative in this case; one of our staffers may have gotten a fishing hook in his thumb because of an overzealous child who couldn't wait to fish. After a quick trip to the ER, our staffer came back with a band-aid and a great story to tell.

Making a splash!

The best part of my day was the visit from kids of the Harry McDonough Sailing Center. In case you didn't know already, I've affectionately considered that my site this past summer. What's great about McDonough is that many of the kids who start out their summer there often show up week after week. It has really allowed me to form some great connections with the kids and I can safely say that I'll really miss them once the summer finally ends.

Cheers to Southie!

Thank you to Save the Harbor, the youth staffers, and the kids from McDonough for an amazing summer. Don't worry though, it's not over yet (thank goodness!) - we've still got another week to catch more lobster!


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