Thursday, August 9, 2012

Southie: Facebook and Flounders in One Post?!

Good morning!

Emily and Ana banding lobsters on the docks!

Luck has been with us this summer, as we seem to pull up lobsters from our Pleasure Bay trap almost every day. While lobsters are definitely a focus, I take a lot of opportunities to talk about other aspects of the marine environment (sea quirts, anyone?) as well. Speaking of which, the kids were lucky enough to catch a small flounder in our crab trap the other day. After looking up flounders in the guidebooks, Floundy (aka Floppy aka Flipper) was safely released back into the water.

Shall we call it Floundy or Floppy?
No once could seem to decide!

Speaking of South Boston, I have a favor to ask of all our faithful readers... For those of you who have visited area that I've been talking about all summer, I have a request. If you have a Facebook account, please like the Harry McDonough Sailing Center's page! You can access the link here. As seen in its name, the center indeed spends much of its time teaching children about the art of sailing, but it goes beyond that, aiding children in acquiring essential life skills. Each and every day is different at McDonough, and brings with it both challenges and surprises - just like life. Some of the key qualities focused upon include leadership, communication, teamwork, and decision-making. In its partnership with Save the Harbor, children are also taught to have and share an appreciation for the environment.Yes, it is indeed a non-profit organization, just like us, and can use help in the form of many different resources. So please do me and the Program Director (Hi, Bob!) a favor and "Like" the page!

Thank you to everyone who has - and continues - to take the time to read these posts! Until next time my fellow explorers.


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