Monday, August 13, 2012

Pride Day at the North End

This is a wonderful day at the North End where meeting new people and bringing the community together counts!!

            In this picture im showing the kids the difference between and boy lobster and a girl one.

Here you can see the band performing a couple songs !

                                                We have a wonderful partnership with NEAD !

Its always fun to go to a place where you don't go often. Yesterday afternoon me and a couple co-worker  went to the north end to teach kids about the harbor and whats in it. We have a partnership with the North End against drugs, therefore we went to celebrate pride week at the north end and show support. There community is so Italian and so peaceful. They had all types of activities for children and elderly people as well such as, food, music, sand art, jugglers, talent shows, drawing arts, magic tricks, and most important of all is a bocce tournament. It was a very touching day for the community where everyone can come together and have a good time. Us save the harbor save the bay staff went over yesterday with two little lobsters, one a boy and the other a girl. We were teaching kids and adults about the difference and similarities as well. Its awesome to answer questions for little kids because their usually scared of the creatures. There were these two little boys named Paolo & Raffy, they were the bravest of them all by picking up the lobsters on there own. One was just splashing water everywhere and the other on the lobster petting it. The best part was at the end when all the kids were excited to let go of the lobsters. Every kids eyes lit up when they seen the lobsters go free. Yesterday was really fun and peaceful I'm looking forward to go to a similar event.

     Here you can see the twins Paolo & Raffy looking down at the harbor as we set the lobsters free

                                 This is where we meant the amazing juggler "Jenny the Juggler"

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