Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crabs after Crabs

Wednesday at Piers Park we caught many crabs. We caught about 28 crabs in 30 minutes. One of the trap wasn't baited and it had 8 crabs. No fish yet but its still fun for the kids to learn to how to fish.
Latter on we stared a crab race, it was fun. One little girl name Libby is one of my favorite kid because, she gets so excited whenever there a baby crab and she yells my name so we could name it things like Floppy or Flappy. Today  I arrived all the kids yelled my name, "Candido! Candido! Candido!" because they all like the way I play with them and help with their fishing rods.  

At Courageous Sailing,we talked about natural resources, items from the earth humans use, for example fish, lobsters and crabs. They come from the ocean. 
To prove this,  Ali  grilled the striped bass Bruce caught for us.  It tasted like chicken.The kids ate it and they kept asking for more. Even the kids who haven't ever eaten a fish before still liked it a lot. Vinh and I  both cooked second filet of  fish and it was delicious. Actually it tasted better than Ali's , because our filet cooked longer and the meat had a more flavorful taste. This might be because the butter and lemon melted into the filet so when you  bit it you tasted the lemon and butter. 

Overall it was an excited day for the kids and I.

This is Libby with the crab she named  Flappy.

The Filet 

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