Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beach Party 2012!

How can I start, this beach party was the best! Everybody did their part in making this beach party the best! It was a nice way to end the summer. I had to be on the grill, grilling all the hot dogs! Carolyn, Andrew, Leon and myself where grilling in one of the grills. Leon and Andrew grilled the hot dogs and Carolyn and myself had to but them in the hot dogs buns. I never seen some much hot dogs in my life! Before lunch time the Kids and all the staffs there were there all ran into the beach at the same time, now that was fun. I didn't get to do it this year because I was grilling but seeing everybody else was good feeling. There were so many kids like 200+ kids! There were different activities like: sports, fishing, kites, art, sand castle and Boston Harbor Explores which was the best one because we had TWO BIG LOBSTERS, when I mean BIG they were BIG! When I took the biggest lobsters out to walk around and show the kids, the faces the kids put when they seen how big the lobster was. It was priceless! After all the playing around, and enjoying the weather the beach party came to an end! Some of the Save The Harbor/Save The Bay staff got into the water which the water was really COLD! Then we had to clean up which it wasn't as messy.

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