Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun in East Boston!!

Two years ago, I lived in the Orient Heights neighborhood of East Boston, right across from the big blue bridge that leads to Constitution Beach. I honestly never visited the beach there very much, but loved the views when I did decide to visit. After all, how many people can brag about the fact that their beach is less than a mile from an airport runway? Especially at night, watching the planes take off under the stars is quite a site -- factor in the moonlit water, and you have yourself in a spectacular place. Last night, this wasn't the only amazing occurrence happening on Constitution. The East Boston YMCA, along with the DCR and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay held another DJs and Dancing night on the beach, where families from East Boston gathered for savory smores, dancing, a lobster touch tank and more fun! Myself, along with Delilah and Andrew had a seriously fun night, and watching the kids check out the lobster and bucket full of treasures (seaglass, shells, crab shells, etc) made my night -- and hopefully the kids' nights too!

The kids that stopped by our station were adorable -- and very impressive with their existing knowledge about shells, crabs and marine life in general! One girl proudly told me the difference between boy and girl crabs, while another boy pointed at each item in the treasures bucket, telling me exactly what he was looking at. In addition, several adults commented on how great it was to have Save the Harbor at the event, and I couldn't agree more. East Boston is such a vibrant community, and watching the kids (and adults!) have fun dancing and toasting smores was quite the site to see. I am proud to say that I once lived across from this fantastic beach, and hope to have the chance to attend these very events in the future!

Excited explorers investigating trash vs. treasure!
Roasting marshmallows on the beach!

-Ashley Wakefield, Senior Harbor Educator at Boston Children's Museum and Community Boating

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