Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventure on Georges Island

Wonderful time wonderful week! I had a blast exploring the historical site in Georges Island. The island itself is beautiful and clean. Did you know the island was used for agriculture for 200 years?, Until in 1825 the government used it for coastal defense? The island is known for its huge forts the military used for defense. Now those forts are the fun and historic part of the island. Theirs a legend going around about " The Lady In Black" being seen in the forts. She is a ghost of one of the prisoners wife, she was executed because she was trying to escape and got caught wearing men clothes. Stop by the island you might bump into her. Now the island has fields for recreational use and docks where the public can go visit. Its one of the easiest islands to go to, its just seven miles from downtown. I highly recommend everyone to stop by and walk through the forts dark corridors. Only if u dare muhahahaha !

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