Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hello Explorers,

Two days ago we had our ''Annual Staff Day'', that was incredibly awesome...
My Staff and I cruised all over All Access boat , while socking up the hot sticky sun.
Looking at the lovely water i saw a lot of interesting things in the water that caught my attention at the moment for example; waves and couple of fish that looked cool to me. hehe ...

We finally got there to Spectacle Island , yay ! I was so excited even though it didn't seem like it to others. I finally went walking on the beach , and it totally helped me feel at peace and i started looking at the water and the rocks. I'm weird , i know but i love rocks and there texture and color. I sat down and put my head phones on and started listening to nice soft music :)

 Unfortunately I'm disappointed  that i did not take any pictures at all at Spectacle Island but if i did , it would have been the best pictures ever !! So I'm pretty bummed over that.
We headed back to Bruce and Patty's fantastic boat to enjoy some delicious food , that they took there time and prepared for us, that i am Thankful for.

However, did i mention how fun and delicious it was... Well believe it, it was the best !
I could not get enough of the '' hot dogs and chips'' even though its was plain meal, well to me it was delicious.

 Then we hiked up the hill to play a game of capture the flag that unfortunately was too short to find a winner. It was a nice day to sit back and relax with my group.

- Ana Munoz

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