Monday, August 20, 2012

Beach Bash!

Greetings, everyone - Mike Murowchick here, Save the Harbor / Save the Bay policy intern and photographer-in-chief.

On Friday, August 17, Save the Harbor / Save the Bay hosted its annual Beach Bash on M Street Beach at the Curley Community Center in South Boston. This year, we had record 687 children attend from youth groups from Metro Boston and Greater Boston area.

A curious child takes time to examine a piece of sea glass at
the "Explore Boston Harbor" table on her way to the water.

A child rinses himself off in the shower before lunch.

Save the Harbor staff lead the children in a classic
rendition of "Haul Away Joe."

Many eager children race towards the water and make a splash!

Save the Harbor staff prepare over 1000 hot dogs for lunch.

BASE youths from Braintree give out high fives after having a great day on the beach.

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