Monday, August 6, 2012

Newest Little Sister / Friend

Hey guys , its Brianna again. This is my new friend Damari. On Friday August 3, 2012 , Damari and I had a bonding moment from sharing our daily lives with each other to learning about personalities. Damari is a young 10-year old , Cape Verdian. She is from the Hyde Park Community Center and told me things like she loves to dance , play volleyball , and soccer. She said she has tried multiple times to get a dance group going within her community center but not enough people wanted to join. When I told her about how I have been dancing since I was 6-years old she was ecstatic because she has the same passion as a 10-year old girl. She inspires me to keep my dance life alive just for little kids who have different talents and inspire to use them the right way. She also told me that she loves being on boats and near the water but isnt able to be on boats because her mother gets sea sick easily. So I took it upon myself to invite her with me and my moms friends to go fishing with us. She makes me so happy and excited for the things we could do outside of work of course with her parents permission. Well time to sign out i'll write back later in the week i'll keep you posted. Toodles !

By: Brianna Charles

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