Thursday, August 2, 2012

Filters and Eels!

Today at Community Boating Inc. there was a lot of excitement. First Valentin, CBI's in house environmental leader, organized a water filter contest, which involved cutting water bottles in half, turning the top half upside down, and putting it in the bottom part. After that, we all filled the bottles with things like paper towels, rocks, and paper to filter out the dirt that exists in the Charles River. Sarah, and Carly's team won this event, who used paper and towels very effectively to create a great filter.

In other news, the Environmental Class also caught several eels today. We all set a trap yesterday and baited it with sardines. Since eels are nocturnal, we had to leave the trap overnight so that the eels could get inside the trap while they were out at night searching for food. Eels are quite interesting creatures, and, as all the explorers realized today while trying to pick them up, are incredibly slippery.

After all of today's awesome, I'm sad to say that I'll be spending the rest of the week elsewhere in Boston. I hope that everyone has an amazing rest of their week and that everyone catches a lot of fish!


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