Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Staff Day !

Hey , its Brianna again. All summer long working with Save the Harbor / Save the Bay has been a wonderful experience that on Tuesday , August 7, 2012 we were introduced with the opportunity to eat out of Bruce and Patty's boat. We had hot dogs , chips , drinks , and cookies. As a full staff we got to play capture the flag , go and enjoy the water , and also enjoy the children that we brought along with us to Spectacle Island. It was my first time celebrating staff day with Save the Harbor / Save the Bay so it was a fun experience except I didn't play the annual Capture the Flag with everyone. Instead I chose to go in the water. This summer I have enjoyed hanging with my staff so today was a day to just sit back and enjoy the weather with people that I work with everyday. I have really enjoyed my time with Thi Tran. She has been the sunlight to my morning. Without the sun there would not be a morning. Even though we are close friends she still helps me learn about Sea Glass and learning about Save the Harbor / Save the Bay. She makes my days fun and enjoyable. Thi and I learn how to do things together from gimp with the kids to finding other colors of sea glass. That day she introduced me to having raw sushi I mean it wasnt bad but that it was something that was new to me.

By: Brianna Charles

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