Monday, August 6, 2012

Lobsters Eat Crabs Too!

What another amazing week at Boston Children's Museum. This week not only were kids able to see crabs and go fishing or learn how to fish. They were also able to see and learn about a lobster. Yes! we caught a lobster in our crab trap and not only was it the coolest thing for the kids but also the staff. This lobster was trying to eat our crabs that we hold in a bin to show the public. This was cool because there was a choice for the kids, some wanted to see and touch the crab and some were more interested in the lobster or both. However they were very fascinated and didn't want to leave when it was time for them to head into the museum. Not only did we catch a lobster this week but we have a mystery sea creature in the Boston Children's Museum channel, where we let the kids go fishing. I say mystery because when one of the kids were fishing something was pulling and pulling and we all(The Staff)  had to take turns and help her to rail it up but it didn't work the line broke and the possible "fish" got away. With this being said excitement fills me and I'm excited that i have another week to look forward to.
 Delilah Burgos 

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