Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Staff Day!

Staff Day was a very successful day, no doubt! Who wouldn't want to relax on a dock and enjoy some delicious food? Save the Harbor kicked off Staff Day by putting all of its staff onto the large ship that it uses to transport thousands of children out to the harbor islands each summer. The massive Provincetown II was still able to run the day's All Access Program even with all of the staff aboard! There was some downtime before the food was done being prepared, so as soon as we reached Spectacle Island the staff either threw around the football or combed the beach for sea glass. Michelle, Candido and I all chose the latter. We walked halfway around the circumference of the island, but sadly we didn't uncover any rare sea glass. However, we did find a interesting array of tidal pools. Naturally, these tidal pools were teeming with sea life such as crabs and small fish.

By now, the food was all ready so we walked back to the dock where Bruce and Patty's boat was stationed. Our thirst was quenched with some ice cold water and diet Snapple, while our hunger was satisfied with beef hot dogs and kettle cooked potato chips. Not to be outdone, Bruce served up some of his striped bass salad and ceviche. For dessert the staff gobbled down some aromatic cookies. To work off all of the calories we had each consumed, we all participated in a game of capture the flag which ultimately ended in a stalemate. Ahmed and I were both exhausted but we were determined to cool off so we ran into the water for five minutes. We were then joined by Conor and Candido. I am content to say that Staff Day was an appropriate day where all of our wonderful staff could just enjoy a day out on a national park and bond with one another.


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