Monday, July 2, 2018

Hello! My Name is Carrie

Hello! My name is Carrie and this is my first year working as a Junior Harbor Assistant at Save The Harbor/ Save The Bay! I currently attend Newton South High School and this fall I will enter my junior year. I am 16 years old and I've been living in Newton for 10 years. I love to play volleyball and I love to do pottery (specifically wheel throwing!).

I look forward to learning everything about marine life and spending time on the islands of Boston Harbor that I have never even stepped foot on in my life! I'm so excited to gain new skills (especially in fishing) and I can't wait to make a connection and bond with my co-workers and the children and families that we will be able to serve this summer!

Save the Harbor was suggested to me by my sister. I was really interested in working with kids and also wanted to learn something new. This job is unique because you don't get to ride a boat as much at other jobs like you do when working for this program!

At orientation we were taken on a boat and were taught to fish. It was my first time fishing ever!
 Although fishing requires a lot of patience, I find it very fun! When you catch a fish it's nerve racking because reeling it up you don't know what bit the bait. But overall it's a fun experience. Except touching the bait; it makes your fingers smell like fish all day.

Me at orientation with the first fish I've ever caught

I look forward to working for this program this summer and being able to meet all of you!

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