Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All is fair in kick ball!

Staff day today at Spectacle Island was tons of fun. I had an all star team, couldn't been any happier with the results and the blood and sweat my team put in. The cook out was amazing, I don't think I have eaten that many hot dogs in one day before and am pretty sure I destroyed most of the chips.

The kick ball game we had at Spectacle island was probably the best kick ball game ever played on that island. I mean we did have the best kick ball team that was ever made. It was me , Andy, Bridget, Chris, Will, Ahmad , Karrisha and of course the v.i.p of the day my guy Hung!

You can just see the names and know the team was nasty. With only 8 people in our team we manged to win 14 to 21 , no big deal but yeah that's the numbers. And oh yeah, there were like 30 people on the losing side of the team which was no big deal too. No respect for the losing team, that's the kinda thing that happens when you get a contract  for $2 mil  and you can afford your own Lamborghini and stuff - you just forget the losers. 

The All star team
The cook out Bruce and Patty did was great. I had a lot of fun eating and enjoying day with my fellow workers/friends.      
cook out
       The losing team , they were nice, but they lost 14 to 21. Well better luck next year.
The Weak team : They know who they are.

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