Saturday, August 17, 2013

We caught a fish!

Hey everyone,
Guess what?! This week at Piers Park the kids finally caught fish! Not one, but two! Two fish in two days in a row! I have to admit that I was really surprised because we usually never catch a fish with the hooks we usually use. The hooks we use are actually a bit too big compared to the fish that that we see. But some how the kids managed to catch a fish! Its crazy because both the hook and the bate looked big to fit in the fish's mouth. I know it might not be anything surprising for other sites because they probably catch at least one fish everyday but here at Piers Park this was the first time. So its official, I finally witnessed a fish being caught here!
Piers Park: First catch of the week!

Just having fun..
Besides the fish, what made this week even more unforgettable were the kids I met. Since I've been at Piers Park I have met many kids, but I have not met a group of kids with as much energy as this one. Even on a wet, gloomy, rainy day they could brighten the day up with their personalities. I don't think I have laughed at Piers Park as much as I did this week. Of course, I did form a close a bond with some of the kids. It actually makes me kind of sad to know that I only have one week left with my little Harbor Explorers. But, there's always next year. I can't wait!

John's pose for "Say cheese!"

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