Monday, August 26, 2013

Haunted past

    On the island there are many adventures to be had many different rooms and a long history that haunts the walls. the lady in black is one of haunting story's that is told on the island; she was a lady with courage and an enormous amount of love for her husband. She risked her life to save her husband but in the process she accidentally killed her husband and she was found captured and sentence to be hung from a tree. They say that now she haunts fort warren on Georges island.
the entrance to the cave 
On Georges island there is a cave where it is said that the lady in black lives and she does not like people that come in with flash lights. Before you get to the cave I'm sure most people would say "ill go in no problem" as soon as people lay eyes on the cave they change their minds. The kids that go in  hold on tight to the person in front of them and half of them are to scared and end up going back to the beginning, only few go through the whole cave there first time.
another cave on Georges 
I find the island to be vary enjoyable and lots of open space to play games. It has a place to expand the imagination, body, and mind. Everyone feels differently about the island based on what they have hears but there's no better way to know for sure unless you have gone yourself to the island.
 Remember kids always look for new adventures and just keep swimming
 - Jennifer

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