Friday, August 23, 2013

It was nice while it lasted

Wow, so many exciting things happened this week! For example, this week, for the first time, I went kayaking and I can honestly say it was awesome! But, I have to admit I was kind of scared and nervous because the tides were kind of high that day, plus it was a bit windy. While paddling the kayak me and Abby (one of the McDonough kids) noticed that the waves were pushing us out further and further which made me even more nervous than I already was. Finally, we got the kayak to turn around towards the dock and finally reached land. Reaching the dock was an indescribable feeling, kind of like that relieved feeling after getting off a scary roller coaster ride and just being happy to be back on the ground, yea that feeling. Too bad I couldn't get pictures to post and share about this great and unforgettable experience.

That's not the only exciting thing that happened this week! Also, for the first time, I witnessed an ice cream topping fight! It was crazy! It sounded kind of like a war was going on right out on the dock at McDonough. Chocolate syrup flying from left to right, hitting people in the eye, hair, everywhere! Everyone looked like they were having a blast. Most definitely I am looking forward to another great summer with these guys next summer, no doubt!

A chocolate mess! (halfway through the ice cream topping fight at McDonough)

At Piers Park this week, we discovered a ton of small jellyfish. We caught at least 10 jellyfish everyday this week. It was strange because there were no jellyfish spotted before ever since this summer started, so that was kind of interesting to see.

One of the many jelly fish spotted at Piers Park.

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