Friday, August 16, 2013

Let's go do some clam seeding.

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   Clam seeding is my best experience in life as working with Save the harbor/Save the bay. Thompson Island was awesome and it is the best Island for clam seeding. I can assure you in a few years It will open for swimming. They sprayed us into group for claim seeding and gave us boots, shovel and other tools related so we could do the work better. It was windy out specially we are in a Island so it becomes more windy and cold because if the trees and the beach.
at Thompson Island

I have good time digging deeply, take out the greens crabs and put the claims seed on the mud. My shovel and Annie's shovel was heavy but we put our muscles in and work it out and do some clam seeding. Before doing the claim seeding my group leader do some history like how long it is going to take to the clam to grown and what can happened if we are doing clam seeding and we let the green crabs in the ground?

ready to work

After a long day doing clam seeding we sat down and have a nice lunch together and enjoy the nature also stealing fresh apple from the tree. Any who, we have a great at Thompson Island

enjoying the nature

  -Stay beautiful

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