Monday, August 26, 2013

The striped bass that got away

That striped bass that got away

 Today at children's museum me and my squad were teaching the kids how to fish, what the crab trap is all about and how to hold the crabs. It was my first time catching a fish at childrens museum. i was happy that i had finally caught at fish for the first time this whole summer. Also it was my first time holding a fishing rod that had a striped bass at the end of it. It was exciting  trying to catch the stripe bass, that we forgot the time was passing by quick. this the only time its going to be said about childrens museum because the time usually seems to moving extra slow on the daily.

Overall today was a great day at Children's Museum. we caught lots of crabs which was a success. The kids love helping out with the crab traps and sometimes throwing them back in because there were "crazy."


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