Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sea Glass Hunting on Spectacle

Another week has come and gone on the Harbor, and the All Access crew made the trip to Spectacle for the last time this season -- though there are still two weeks of trips to Georges and Peddocks Islands before we officially wrap up the summer!  The weather on Wednesday was perfect for a day at Spectacle Island's beach but we did have to deal with choppy water and lots of waves!

Great view of Boston from the beach
Waves aside, the groups that came out with us had a great time playing wiffleball and looking for sea glass.  I stuck to the beach and found some great pieces of glass.  This is the first year that I've found so much pink and purple glass on the beach.  Finding all these great pieces gave me the chance to use my new sea glass identification cards to learn more about the glass:  when certain colors were produced, what they were mostly used for and how rare a given color is.  Both pink and purple are rare; light pink's peak production period was during the Great Depression through World War II, while purple's peak production was between the end of the 1800s to World War I.  For those intrepid sea glass hunters out there, the most rare colors you can find are orange and red!

One of my sea glass finds!
 Paige Academy was probably the first group to jump in the water at the beach, and after I had found as many pieces of sea glass as my heart desired, I joined them in the waves.  Paige Academy comes out with us a few times every summer, and their children are so much fun to have around!  It's been a blast getting to know them and their counselors over the past summers I've worked with Save the Harbor.  This year has been no exception -- the kids were great and everyone had a good time jumping waves and splashing David Coffin and Thi silly.

Some hula hooping fun after swimming
Last week's All Access trips were fairly light -- Tuesday's trip was cancelled due to rain and Thursday was the Kids' Beach Bash and Splash.  I mentioned earlier that there are still two weeks of trips to Georges and Peddocks Islands.  This is very exciting because we've added an extra week of trips, and to a completely new location!  Peddocks Island has old-fashioned summer cottages, fishing off the dock and walking/hiking trails and lots more to explore.

I, unfortunately, will not be able to go on the last few All Access trips because I have to leave for school this coming week.  So this was my last All Access trip -- so sad!  But keep your eyes peeled for my blog posts on the Bash and Splash, as well as my farewell post later on this week!

Until then,

--  Carolyn

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