Friday, August 16, 2013

The Dream Team

     The Children's Museum had a change of pace Tuesday.  The group from all acces did not get to go to George's Island so they brought their children to the Museum.  The children fished and crabbed all day and they loved it.  The Children also got to play sports which is a good change from the normal fishing and crabbing all day.  The sports are just what the Children's Museum needs because the children will become more engaged.  Sports are a good engager for children because a lot of them baseball during the summer.  My team was made up Manny, Frank, Tom, and Bobby and we crushed the other team.  The children carried the team as I did not do as good as I could have.
The Team
     I like playing whiffle ball with the children because they get more into it than me.  I love when they talk smack to each other because it makes them perform better.  Davis did not allow them to talk like that because he knew his team could never win.  His team was just not as passionate as mine.  I always lead my team to victory because I fire up my team.

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