Monday, August 26, 2013

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

      Hello everyone, hope everybody had a great summer.  I'm a returnee for the Save The Harbor Save The Bay so it was great for me to come back another year and work. I met a lot of new staff and connected with a few people this summer. I enjoyed my summer working here. Also, I learned how to fish, give educational talks on marine life and Boston beaches to children and families all over Boston. I enjoyed working at various work sites this summer also. I experienced a lot this year, and holding a 3 pounder lobster was really cool! He would be yummy for dinner! Haha!  Overall, I had a blast working with STHSB once again. Thanks for everything. Farewell my readers.

My first time holding a 3 pounded lobster!
It's not bye, it's see ya later!
Capturing moments
-Juelle Benjamin 

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