Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Day to See the Spectacles

       Wednesday was the last day Save the Harbor would go out to Spectacle Island. Although I was extremely sad, I was excited to see what would happen on the last, surely eventful day.
       Of all the groups that came out, one of them from the Castle Square Youth Education Program were full of staffers that I had known for years! I was really excited to show them around the island and show them how to have a great time since it was their first time out (either on a boat or to Spectacle Island itself). All of the groups came out and we were on our way to the island, conveniently 15 minutes away.
Sheltering Paige Nivea and Kayana
       It was quite windy therefore the waves were large and a bit too choppy for the small children that we had with us. The moment the kids went in, they were instantly driven back out by the "freezing" cold water temperatures. I let them come into my large beach towel and warmed them up, facing away from the wind. I had so much fun on my last day there even though it was a little more chilly than I had hoped for, but it was still an amazing day.
       I just wanted to thank everyone who was able to be a part of my experience of Spectacle Island; these people are included:
Alan, the Island Caretaker, and Max!

And of course, the lifeguards!
       The island rangers were always helpful, but we were not as close this year as years past. Spectacle will always hold a special place in my heart. 

      Always have a blast,

            Thi Tran

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