Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fishing Master

I feel like I have become a great fishermen. I've caught to fish on my own and helped kids catch their own fish. Piers Park is super fun and all the kids are really sweet and always ready to learn. At McDoungh the kids are out going and fun and they really love to fish. I love working at both of my sites mainly because of the awesome kids I get the opportunity to meet.

Pulling up the crab trap at Piers Park. 

This week was the last week for a few of my favorite campers. There's one camper who's been at Piers Park since the beginning of summer. His name is Donavan and he's always happy and excited to be at camp. This week, I went to the Beach Bash and Splash, which was a lot of fun and all the kids loved it. We have one more week with the campers and I really want them to enjoy themselves. Next week I want to have a good week for me and the kids. I just hope their all excited to return next year.

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