Friday, August 23, 2013

Last Day at Children's Museum

Hey Readers,

Well I should say goodbye. From my very first day at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay I could not imagine all the opportunities I would have-- like fishing on a yacht, crabbing everyday at Children's Museum, and teaching children about the sea life.

First day of Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay ( I have the frizzy hair)
Being on All Access was unforgettable!  I was so overwhelmed, at first, for all of the kids were so vivacious and eager to get on the boat! My favorite day on All Access was Staff Day, because playing kick ball was hands down the best!

Dream Team on Spectacle Island
Finally, my last day, at the Children's Museum, went seemingly fast. The day came to an end so quickly, but it had to be one of the best days this whole summer.

Goodbye Save the Harbor!

                                                          Peace, Love, and Happiness,
                                                                       Anicia Gillespie

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