Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Awesome Staff Day!

As usual, Staff Day at Spectacle Island  marks the closing of the summer. This summer, the staff was substantially larger than previous years, since none of us could actually go on Bruce's boat since it would sink with so much weight. Bruce and Patty met us on the dock of Spectacle Island with smiles and open arms. The summer staff were eager to get down to business and chow down on all beef hot dogs and classic Cape Cod potato chips. There was no shortage of chips and hot dogs. Along with the hot dogs and chips, there were grapes, cheese, and cookies.

The staff helping themselves to food
Afterward the majority of the staff headed up to the large meadow for a massive scale game of kickball. My sister and I decided to do what we always do and swim. The sea was particularly choppy, but we still had a lot of fun. Although I am a huge fan of kickball, I didn't want to play because I would dominate the opposing team and win by landslide. In light of this, I was content to relax and let the waves envelop me and splash my sister from time to time. I believe that the staff day was a huge success as everyone bonded and grew closer than ever.

The staff!

A member of the best staff ever,

Vinh Tran

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