Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Staff Day 2013

This past Monday was Staff Day here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. We boarded the ferry out to Spectacle Island for a relaxing day of kickball, kayaking, swimming, and of course, hot dogs.

 It was a beautiful day at the Harbor Islands, and everyone on staff got a lot of sun. We started our day playing wiffle ball at on top of the hill. Due to the windy weather, we quickly changed our game to kickball. I realized that catching a kickball is a hard thing to accomplish.
For lunch, the Save the Harbor Office Staff grilled, and we ate helpings of hotdogs, chips, and cookies on the dock by Bruce's boat. It was really fun to just hangout and releax with each other.
After lunch, the Department of Recreation led a guided kayak tour. It was my first time kayaking, and it was great! I didn't mind the water has it splashed onto my legs, because it was cold and refreshing. The best part was that I didn't flip over.

We had 30 mintues or so before we left the island, so I decided to swim. We had to wait a while for the next ferry back to Boston, so we were able to lay out, dry off, and even nap a little bit. It was an awesome Monday, and I can't wait until next year's Staff Day!

Stay Sandy,

Iris Ayala

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