Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My good bye to you.

        Hello readers!

Ready to Save the harbor and the bay.

      I am sad to announce my Good bye to you. Anyways no need to be sad because we had a lot a fun this summer by visiting Island, fishing and catching crabs.I hope working here again with you guys next summer.
In beginning we all were excited and ready to learn Thanks to Save the harbor/save the bay I learned something new everyday, making new experiences with the kids by kayaking and sailing sometimes also I got to be in different site working with my JpAs and others and knowing new places.
Watch and learn.

Community service.
 Although, we went a lot through this summer and I think next summer we will be ready for you guys to
experience more things. I would to thanks my senior educators thanks to them I catch my first sun fish.My next more will be Stripped base.
My first sun fish.

Thank you for all of your support.

-have a great 2013 summer.

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