Friday, August 23, 2013

My last day at Piers Park

My last day at Piers Park was very eventful to say the least! This week there was a massive influx of jellyfish! They were literally everywhere. The kids were catching jellyfish left and right. The jellyfish ranged from small quarter sized ones to large ones the size of a plate. The great part about the jellyfish is the actual texture. They are very slimy and amorphous. I have never actually held a jellyfish in my hand before, but I had a chance to for the first time.

Unfortunately, I had a doctor's appointment so I had to leave the site early. But before I left I made sure I said goodbye to each and every one of the kids I had worked with for so long. It was bittersweet but I am already looking forward to seeing them again next summer. 

Donovan, Parker, and Isaiah fishing

Until next time,

Vinh Tran

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