Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Boston Children Museum

   Greeting my readers!

    The Boston Children Museum is a nice place for fishing, crabbing and enjoying the nature.We Save the Harbor/Save the Bay usually in a blue shirt ready for you to having fun with some playful learning and good activities.People are looking at us as we fishing and casting. Juelle and I are having fun at picking up the crabs and show random people or little kids how to hold it so they couldn't get pinch. Families, kids and others.. were having fun with us at the children museum.

  Most of the kids like holding Mr. crabs and also like fishing. As we are casting there was 2 blue fishes pass right by to the fishing rope and we only caught one. There were a lot of crabs in our bucket. The kids called it crabs city.People were excited to learn from me while I did a mini-lesson with them about the ocean and how to protect it and also show them some sea critters we caught.

doing a mini lesson.

It was a really fun day at children's museum.We had a lot of people who were interesting at fishing and we also had to make a line because we don't have enough fishing rope for everyone. Anyways, our work here was done and everybody was happy.At the end of the day they were sad because they didn't want us to leave but I told them they come to our office and also we here every summer.
oufff.. what a line.

-stay fishy and crabby

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